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Can You Offer a Real Spot Free Car Wash? Water Filtration is the Key

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You claim you offer the best car wash in town. But if you're leaving water spots on your customers' cars, your reputation may end up with quite a few blemishes, too.

Without the right water filtration system, it may not be possible to avoid those pesky little spots.

Here's a rundown on how you can offer a real spot-free car wash -- one that will leave your customers' cars looking sleek and shiny.

Let's get started!

Water Hardness

When people wash their cars with residential garden hoses, it's not uncommon for spots of water to remain on their vehicles' surfaces. These spots result from hard water.

Hard water contains high amounts of magnesium and calcium -- minerals that will remain on a car even if you lightly dry the car using a towel or air dry it. They appear as unsightly off-white or white rings or splotches on a car's surface once the water they're in evaporates.

A water softener can come in handy for removing magnesium and calcium and exchanging them for potassium and sodium. For example, softened water features less calcium but more sodium compared with hard water.

However, will using a water softener automatically lead to a car wash that is spot-free?

Perhaps yes, perhaps no.

The problem with water softeners is that even if water has been softened, it still contains minerals. And the higher the mineral content -- or the total dissolved solids -- of the water you use during a car wash, the more spotting you'll see.

With softened water, the mineral residue that is left behind on cars is easier to remove than that left behind by hard water. But they still appear.

That's where a water filtration system is known as the reverse osmosis, or RO, the system comes in.

The Reverse Osmosis Solution for a Spot Free Car Wash

To offer your customers a car wash that is spot-free, it's wise to invest in a commercial RO system to complement your water softener. While the water softener handles the magnesium and calcium present in the water at your business site, the RO system will take care of most of the remaining total dissolved solids present in your water.

The result? You can easily prevent major spotting after your car washes. And your business will quickly become the talk of the town for all of the right reasons.

How We Can Help

We offer a wide range of advice and tips regarding water filtration systems that can come in handy for car wash business owners.

Plus, on our site, you can learn about the common contaminants present in drinking water that has been left untreated, as well as how water filtration systems can help you to address them.

Visit us today to find out more about how the right system can help you to offer a high-quality spot-free car wash time and time again.

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