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Contamination-Free Coffee: The Importance of Water Filtration for Coffee Shops

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The Importance of a Restaurant Water Filter for Coffee Shops

Some coffee shop owners and baristas may use tap or bottled water to prepare the drinks. In some cities, it may be drinkable, but in others, it's better to use store-bought or filtered water.

Keep reading to find out why you need to install a restaurant water filter for your coffee shop.


Why Having a Restaurant Water Filter Is a Must for Your Coffee Shop

A single coffee cup contains 2% coffee and 98% water. It's imperative for the water to be clean in order to make for a quality beverage.

Read below to see why you should get a water filter for your coffee business.

What Are the Different Kinds of Water Filtration?

Restaurant water filtration systems are used to provide clean water for preparing coffee, tea, and other hot beverages.

There are different types of water filtration available:

  • Sediment filtration - this process is used with water containing insoluble metal oxides that can damage the coffee-making equipment and the taste of coffee;
  • Carbon filtration - removes the organic molecules from the water, as these can affect the flavor and taste of coffee;
  • Ion exchange columns - this is a filtration process that can reduce the hardness of the water by reducing the mineral content, thus making it perfect for coffee brewing.

Some sources recommend reverse osmosis as the best way to filter water for coffee shops.

However, the opposite is true - this overly purified water doesn't extract the best taste from the beans.

This is because RO water is completely free of all contaminants and minerals, meaning it doesn't have the metallic ions needed to 'wake up' the flavors from the bean.

RO filtration is sometimes used because it can make the water soft, which helps preserve the coffee machines. Soft water is not recommended for brewing coffee.

Filtered Water Makes Coffee Taste Better

Water plays a crucial role in the taste of coffee. It contains minerals, gases, and often contaminants that influence the flavor of the bean.

This is why all coffee shops need a restaurant water filter system to ensure great quality coffee every time.

Coffee beans are also sensitive to the hardness of the water. The ideal hardness to make an indulgent cup of coffee would be 50-100 ppm (50-100 mg/L) or 3 to 6 grains of hardness.

The more acceptable option is 18 grains of hardness, translating to below 300 ppm (300 mg/L).

If you install a commercial water filter for a restaurant, you'll have water free of contaminants, exceeding hardness, and chemicals.

Make Your Coffee With Clean, Filtered Water

If your goal is to serve top quality coffee that everyone will talk about, you should pay attention to the water you use to make it.

Installing a restaurant water filter will provide your store with pure water free of contaminants so you can offer your customers unparalleled taste.

Want to learn more about water filters? Head over to our blog for more useful articles and tips.

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