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The Secret Weapon Against Bad Skin and Hair Is...Filtered Water?

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The Secret Weapon Against Bad Skin and Hair Is...Filtered Water?

The average American woman will spend almost $230,000 on face products in her lifetime. Many of those products are intended to help repair bad skin.

Is there a better way to improve your skin and hair, without using hundreds of different products?

Yes. But this isn't a rare product or something that's difficult to find.

It's filtered water.

Curious? Read on to learn how filtered water can help repair your bad skin.

What's Wrong with Tap Water?

Among other contaminants, tap water can contain chlorine. This chemical is great for killing bacteria and keeping water safe to drink.

But it also causes problems, particularly with sensitive skin.

Chlorine in tap water mixes with oil or sweat on the skin. This can produce trihalomethane byproducts. While the levels are low for each shower you take, they could cause problems over time.

Hair contains up to 98 percent protein, which can be broken down by chlorine (which explains split ends). Chlorine also takes away the protective oils from your hair and skin, leading to dry skin and frizzy hair.

It can also contribute to dandruff and hair loss, and affect how effective hair dye is.

And There's Another Problem.

Some people live in 'hard water' areas. This refers to the high mineral content of the water.

It's perfectly safe to drink, but hard water can increase the risk of eczema. This skin problem causes itchy and red skin which becomes cracked and inflamed.

Removing this high mineral content from the water allows your skin to repair itself. It stops it being continually bombarded with irritants.

It also removes the build-up of minerals in your hair that can leave it looking dull or feeling dry.

Using filtered water lets you access the health benefits of water but without the chemicals or minerals that cause problems.


Water - It's Not Just for the Outside

So far, we've looked at the effects of tap water on the skin and hair for washing purposes. But your body needs at least eight cups of water a day to remain hydrated. Dull, dry skin is a sure sign of mild dehydration.

Drinking more water improves bad skin by keeping it supple and elastic.

But it's not just how much you drink that's an issue. Filtered water doesn't contain the toxins that can build up in the body after drinking unfiltered water.

That lets the body flush out the toxins that can cause skin and hair problems without adding more to your system.

Beat Bad Skin with Filtered Water

Do you suffer from bad skin or hair and you've tried everything to solve the problem? Expensive treatments and lotions might not be the answer.

Switching to filtered water can remove the irritants and minerals causing the problems in the first place. It'll also give you safer, more pure water to drink, helping your body to maintain a healthy balance.

If you're interested in installing a filtered water system in your home, visit us today.

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