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Crystal Quest TURBO Countertop Water Cooler

Crystal Quest

    • $535.00

    • The Crystal Quest TURBO Countertop Water Cooler is the ultimate cooler for small spaces. You will never have to worry about finding additional floor space in your office breakroom or home kitchen. This countertop water cooler is bottleless so you no ongoing purchases of pricey bottles.



      • Built-in filtration system
      • A separate hot/cold power switch
      • Automatic heating shut-off when the hot temperature is reached
      • Automatic float valve
      • High efficiency sealed compressor cooling system
      • Automatic hot and cold water temperature control
      • Type 304 stainless steel hot and cold water tanks
      • Easy to use and clean


      • Weight: 37 lbs.
      • Dimensions: (D) 13” x (W) 13” x (H) 18.5”
      • Total reservoir capacity. 3.2 gallons
      • Hot water tank temperature: 176-196°F
      • Heating power: 500W
      • Cooling power:112W
      • Hot water tank volume: 0.5 gal/heating
      • Cold water tank volume: 1 gal per hour
      • Cooling capacity 1.95 gal per hour
      • Voltage: 10V-120V 50/60H




      Water Cooler Manual

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